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Like you, many companies want to start a business in / or relocate to Germany. This is an excellent location decision with regard to the economic and political stability of Germany. Its strategic location in the heart of Europe, good infrastructure, an abundance of excellent specialists, relatively low office property prices in international comparison (23rd place) are among the decisive reasons for choosing Germany as a suitable location.

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Consulting, Financing, Relocation Services & More

Consulting & Management

We advise you and your management team on all aspects of your strategic decision to relocate to Germany and on Brexit.


We support your German expansion with tailored made financial brokerage.

Expansion & Relocation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services for your relocation.

The problem for which we have a solution for

Hardly any other country has such high bureaucratic hurdles as Germany, numerous regulations in all areas, complicated approval procedures, a federalist system with 16 federal states and complex immigration laws.

Nga Sehring Consulting and its select cooperation partners can help you successfully master these diverse challenges.

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We work pragmatically, develop tailor-made solutions and we love seeing you succeed!

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