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    From the boat to the bank…

    I was born in Vietnam. When I was 13 years old I came with my family from Vietnam to Germany (Rhein Main area) as one of the “Boat People” with no prior knowledge of the German language and German culture.

    A hard time of learning lay ahead of me, after six months of intensive German course I had already gone through different school systems, from the secondary modern school (Hauptschule) to the grammar school (Gymnasium).

    As a teenager, I had a lot to learn in my new home country: the German language, mentality and above all how to deal with the numerous public authorities, since I already had to take care of the administrative formalities for my family with the help of our German godparents.

    Therefore I have first hand experience and knowledge of just how difficult a new start in a foreign country or continent can be if one isn´t properly prepared.

    Fortunately we met socially committed people who helped us in an unbureaucratic manner with our integration. I owe my professional and personal development to date to the valuable support of my family and these dedicated “pilots”.

    After graduating from high school, I completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk at Degussa Bank in Frankfurt am Main. I then studied International Business Administration at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences.

    Before founding my company, I worked for 24 years in five banks in the international commercial lending business and gained management experience with national and international teams.

    My last position was as a deputy managing director of an Asian bank, whose branches I helped to establish.

    My core competencies, international credit business, intercultural competence and multilingualism as well as a diverse network of partners result from this time.

    My business idea was born out of my life story. My company goal is to support companies and people from abroad with my core competencies efficiently, experienced and committed.

    Since 2016

    • Founder of the company Nga Sehring Consulting

    2012 – 2015

    • Head of Acquisition Department and Deputy Managing Director of a Southeast Asian state bank in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin
    • Established two branches
    • Head of Acquisition and Relationship Manager for corporate customers
    • Personnel recruitment and location logistics
    • Contact person for expats and local employees, German authorities and Asian headquarters

    2007 – 2012

    • Vice President Transaction Management Asia Desk at the Central Bank of the Savings Banks in Frankfurt am Main – Power of Attorney (Prokura)
    • Deputy Group Leader for Commercial Real Estate Finance of the Asia Desk” expansion including acquisition and expansion of portfolios in China, Japan, Singapore and Australia
    • Successful restructuring of a large-volume Japanese syndicated loan in Tokyo in 2012

    2000 – 2006

    • Senior Credit Analyst at a major German mortgage bank in Frankfurt am Main – Power of Attorney (Prokura)
    • Deputy Group Manager for Sales (France)
    • Delegation to support the Deutsche Hyp Paris representative office in 2001
    • Risk management for the USA and Europe
    • Project work in the London, Paris and Zurich branches
    • Delegation to support the Ahrensburg branch with Implementation of merger work in 2003

    1994 – 2000

    • Credit officer at a central cooperative bank in Frankfurt am Main – Power of Attorney (Prokura)
    • Foreign lending business (documentary, guarantee and syndication business)
    • Collaboration in the project “SAP Migration“

    Degree: Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH) (graduate in business administration)

    1989 – 1993
    Bilingual Business Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim (Foreign Trade / English and French)

    Semester abroad at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Extérieur in Paris

    1987 – 1989
    Bank apprenticeship as a bank clerk at a private bank in Frankfurt am Main

    High school graduation (Abitur) in Frankfurt am Main

    Move to Hessen / Germany

    Born in Lam Dong, Vietnam


    • Individual long distance journeys,
    • Learning new foreign languages,
    • Reading – foreign-language / historical novels,
    • Table tennis and
    • Commitment to youth work

    Vietnamese (mother tongue)
    German (mother tongue)
    English (Fluent)
    French (Fluent)
    Chinese (basic knowledge)
    Spanish (basic knowledge)


    In addition to my objectives in finances it is important to me to bring my values and competencies into my company.

    As soon as I take on a project, I burn for it. I identify myself with your task and see this not as a job, but as my personal challenge.

    I like to put things in a nutshell and find a cost-effective and sustainable solution for you. Long inefficient meetings are an abomination to me. I am a person of action.

    I keep my promises! For this reason, I deal honestly with promises and promise you nothing that I cannot keep.

    The execution of my work always unites different cultures. My experience shows that active listening and empathic understanding provide the basis for solving cultural problems.

    Methodological competence:
    Thanks to my solid training and many years of professional experience, I can deal with your concerns pragmatically and quickly.

    When I have a project, I do everything in my power to achieve it on time and within budget.

    Learning and sociability:
    Thanks to my communicative nature, I get to know new cultures and exciting people, especially on my long-distance trips. Broadening my horizons often helps me to find tailor-made solutions for my business problems.

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    The majority of my consulting projects are diverse and complex. Due to my long experience, I can often avoid the use of additional outsourced expertise. Nevertheless, it is important to have a good network.
    I have been working with most of my cooperation partners for many years. Through my targeted briefing, you will quickly receive support, while I remain well informed.


    Company Brand Logo Field of activity

    Butz-Ringshausen GbR, Darmstadt/Erbach


    Subsidies, communication consulting

    bank financing

    DVAG (Frank Pigge)



    x Expert for investment consulting, financing solutions and insurance

    Ecco Real GmbH, Nürnberg



    Experienced, reputable real estate company in Southern Germany

    Cornelia Eisenbacher CEIS FinancePartners, Berlin www.xing.com/profile/Cornelia_Eisenbacher


    x Financing consultant for complex real estate transactions in the Berlin area
    Margit Münzing, Walser Projekt Management GmbH x V Brokering of attractive residential properties in the Rhein Main area
    Mareike Sander, Frankfurt x Committed and successful specialist lawyer for immigration and family

    Martina Fless Hausverwaltung, Langen



    x Pragmatic and passionate property management

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